About the Club

Site Address: Barden Ridge Oval, Old Illawarra Road, Barden Ridge
Postal Address: c/- Stuart Hitchcock - Secretary
Suite 8, Illawong Shopping Village, 273 Fowler Rd
Email: secretary@illawongbaseball.com.au
Information about the club Illawong Baseball Club has a proud history going back to 1979 when it entered its first Senior Team in the St Geoge Baseball Association Winter competition.

Last season we fielded 14 Junior Teams in the Cronulla Sutherland Junior Association, 2 Senior Teams in the Cronulla Sutherland Minor League Baseball Association and 5 Senior Teams in St George Baseball Association.
Our club has grown from 13 players to what it is today - 134 Juniors and 90 Seniors.
Thanks to the very hard working committees we have been fortunate to have over the years.

Our Life members: Joan Trouce, Don Trounce, Linda Daley, John Daley, Patrick Percey, Rod Baurycza and Stuart Hitchcock.

The Present Executive Committee is:
Club Patron: Rod Baurycza
President: Stuart Fletcher
Vice President: Matthew Saunders
Secretary: Stuart Hitchcock
Treasurer: David Evans
Registrar: Stephen Phillips

Barden Ridge Oval